1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Nobody’s skin is perfect and most of us have different concerns in different places in our face. I love that I can target each concern with the variety of face masks Rodan+Fields offers.

In this picture, I have the Rejuvenation Mask on my forehead which feels like a bubble bath on your face. It pulls hydration into the skin and feels so silky after. I have the Radiance mask in my cheeks and nose for brightening and evening skin tone. (And I get to look a little bit like an Academy Award). Lastly, I have Clarifying Mask on my jaw and chin with a few pesky pimples I had. I mean seriously….I’m 45, when will I stop getting hormonal zits???

So do yourself a favor, don’t get 1, get 2 masks or if you have skin like me, you may as well get all 4…..since like me sometimes, my skin can’t make up its mind. Go to http://jheinzen.myrandf.com and get yours!