How to Demo of the Pore Cleanser Md….

I made these 2 videos (2 because the technology Gods thought 1 wasn’t a good idea I guess) demonstrating how to use the fabulous Pore Cleanser MD….aka the “Pore Sucker”. It will revolutionize the process to healthy skin and can be used on almost all skin types.

It’s not as intimidating as you would think, and nope…..doesn’t hurt. It’s a light suction that glides over your T-zone of your face to unclog those years of clogged pores that are stretching out. With consistent once a week use, you can expect smaller pores and pores rid of debris, oil, and whatever else has built up in there over the years. You do not want to use the tool on your cheeks or above your lip because there is more tissue between the bone and skin and the suction could leave a slight bruising.

You can also use this tool on pesky blackheads targeting each individual one. A suction with a light spring targets and sucks out the clogged pore that has reached the surface and hardened (aka the blackhead). This includes the blackheads on your shoulders, back, and chest. I’ve even been successful getting blackheads out of the inside of my daughters ear. Yes, I had to bribe her, but it was worth it because those little guys are very difficult to get out and can be very painful in the process.

So say goodbye to large, clogged pores and the appointment for a facial. Rodan+Fields has all the tools you need for a healthy, younger, more radiant glow.

On this website go to Services/Rodan+Fields/Monthly Special to get a special deal! Purchase the Pore Cleanser MD and get Free Make Up wipes (60 ct) for FREE!

<b>If you have sensitive skin and prone to broken capillaries, this tool is not recommended</b>