It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Color Street nail strips are a non damaging way to spice up your current polish routine. It adds personality and fun to your nails for a fraction of the cost. It’s a sticker comprised of: Base coat, Colored polish/design, and Top coat ALL IN ONE!

No drying time required. They are safe to put on your natural nails or over acrylic or gel nails. Because they are just polish, just use regular non-acetone nail polish remover when wanting to change it up.

I have had the Color Street on my toes for 2 months, clipped them twice and they are still not chipped (just the usual outgrowth of course). I am super impressed by them and so much more affordable than going to the salon and paying the premium price for a tiny flower on one toe

Fall collection drops next week on the 10th!! Go to Https:// and check out all the fun shades…..including Petites and Pedicures