You Just Spent How Much???

Watch this video and tell me what you think. Why are we not encouraging others to get more for themselves and their families?

What are we afraid of, that our friend may ask us if we want to buy anything from her small business? There are lots of ways to support a small business with out the pity/guilt purchase. Sharing your friends contact info or liking and sharing her posts on social all help the small business friend.

I’m not embarrassed to be in business with the #1 skincare brand in North America that used to out sell Lancôme and Estes Lauder when they were in Nordstroms. I’m not afraid to advertise that there are products out there that can CHANGE your skin and boost your confidence and actually change lives. I’m proud of it.

So let’s get over the stigma that Direct Sales is slimy. Let’s not shame the person who wants to spend less than a $1000 to better herself and her family by starting a side hustle. I want people on my team who are motivated, curious, and coachable. Let’s chat to see if Rodan+Fields could be a fit for you.